Meet the Management Team  


Rich Jousma - President

Rich helped start Ozinga Transportation Systems / First Choice Logistics in 1987. At the time Ozinga was looking to complement their aggregate business with bulk chemicals and waste transportation which were started at that time. In 2004 two of the three divisions were split off and the First Choice Logistics name carried the Chemical, Waste and Brokerage divisions, while the Stone Operation stayed with the Ozinga name. Growing up in a family owned concrete business and later transportation; Rich learned hard work and business values at a young age. Mr. Jousma has been here since day one 30 years ago and has a combined 40+ years total experience in the transportation business. Rich’s expertise is in Sales and Operations brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. His strong Moral and Ethical values, his passion for hard work and emphasis on the importance in building relationships are what define Rich.

Luke Jousma – Vice President

Luke practically grew up in the company and started from the ground up as an early teenager helping out after school and in the summers. Learning and performing nearly every job and task from sweeping the floors, to working on those same floors as a mechanic in the shop on nights weekends, late shifts you name it. Bringing that experience forward to Dispatch, Operations and Sales and Marketing for the last several years. Luke has a unique perspective having spent 15 years at FCL in several different capacities, and brings energy, youth, technology and a business core focus to the Mgt. Team.

Nate Patten – Operations Mgr.

Nate Patten grew up in the transportation business and got an early start learning the ropes from his father who was an Operations Mgr. for a large bulk liquid carrier. Nate has been the ISO Container Dispatch Mgr. since the division was started at FCL 10 years ago. Nate recently has been promoted to the Operations Mgr. role and actively works with and oversees our operations group daily.  His unique experience and background spending 25 years in the transportation industry includes active working roles in Operations, Dispatch, Maintenance, Tank wash, and Depot in the Bulk Liquid, Chemical and ISO tank markets. Nate brings his hard work and no non-sense personality to the team every day.


Gina Randol – Controller

Gina is an experienced accounting professional who has put in 9 years of hard work at FCL. She has been promoted several times in steps towards her current position as Controller. She fills many roles witihin her department and brings hard work, creativity and outgoing personality to the staff and our team.


Derek Naujokas – Fleet Maintenance Mgr.

Derek brings youth and energy along with his 13 years of tank fleet maintenance experience. Serving in many  roles as a mechanic up to to Fleet Mgr. affords him a knowledge base with direct hands on experience. Derek is a confident leader and brings a very technical approach to modern fleet equipment management and to the Mgt. Team.


Bruno Vander Velde - Safety & Compliance Manager

Bruno brings 40+ years of experience behind the wheel as a driver to his recent role into Safety.  With many years of loyal service as a driver and in several safety capacity roles he joins the First Choice team.  Bruno brings a hard work ethic and traditional values as he works hand in hand toward promoting safety everyday and continual improvement for our driving force.