Roll With Us

On The Road To A Better Career

From the moment you become a First Choice team member, we are fully committed to your success. Our aim is to hire and take our drivers to the next level.

We expect a lot from our drivers and we find that the people we hire expect a lot from themselves as well. If you come to us with a strong work ethic and you’re ready to work, you can expect competitive compensation and hands on training.

  • Comprehensive training program
  • Four day driver orientation
  • Opportunity to meet DOT training requirements
  • Ongoing monthly safety training*

*All training at First Choice is considered paid work.


A training program that begins with a four-day driver orientation period, during which you will have the opportunity to meet your DOT training requirements.

Monthly Online Safety Training

Ongoing monthly online safety training that keeps you up to date with industry standards and informed about the newest practices.

Driver Mentor Program

Our mentor program for tanker drivers allows you one-on-one personal training essential for acquiring necessary additional driving and operating skills.